la poudre

la poudre / 26.01.2020

Deg, Do and Poldo met in a field. Two guitars, a drum set. Amps to the max, and a fucking great time.
What they played sounded surprisingly good to them…
la poudre was born, and its mission was clear : burn your shoes, blow your brains, make you scream and smile.
la poudre started playing concerts with three acoustic guitars, and absolutely not a care in the world, and people seemed to enjoy it.
But it was clear more fuel was needed to accomplish their mission, so a fire rythm section was added in the flesh of Peter Pype and Sébastien Hugue.
Combining extremely diverse musical backgrounds of indie rock, funk, ska, punk, marching band, and soul, la poudre has only one purpose : make fire.
la poudre eventually went on to record a first ep in the spring of 2019, and is now planning a world tour.