Joe Victor

JOE VICTOR / 24.02.2019


Joe Victor is one of Rome’s brightest talented bands. A
band with a growing audience in Italy.
The sound is a perfect storm of eclectic songwriting and
foot-stomping rock & roll energy, that mixes pop, blues,
gospel and amercan-folk style.
Joe Victor was born in Rome in 2014 in Rome within
the walls of night bars, performing in late night shows weekly.
The band is very appreciate for thier powerful live shows.
Joe Victor follows a musical journey that mixes American folk
influences, rock and roll and gospel, disco music and oriental and
Mediterranean influences. Where the center are the voices and
the rhythm, “Joe Victor use very distant influences as a simple
means to achieve a specific purpose: drive you crazy, make you
sweat, remind you that an alternative to the combo” couch, hot
chocolate and Netflix “exists even in 2017” (rockit).
The artists that can be refered as a major influence for the band
are: Fleetwood Mac, David Byrne, Chic, David Bowie, Modern
Lovers, Exuma, Joni Mitchell, Beach Boys and James Brown.
Their first LP, called “Blue Call Pink Riot”, has been
released on October 30th 2015; since then they are
touring across Italy, playing in several italian and
international festivals (Sziget Festival, Mi Ami Festival,
Home Festival) and clubs.
The second LP “Night Mistakes” has been released in 2017,
the sound is more disco 70’s and the songwriting is more surreal
and passionate.
under the production of “the guru of italian pop” (Blow up
magazine) Matteo Cantaluppi.
Followed by a tour all over Italy and Europe.

Joe Victor are:
Gabriele Mencacci Amalfitano: vocals and guitar
Valerio Almeida Roscioni: vocals and keyboard
Guglielmo Senatore: vocals and drums