FADI / 16.12.2018

Thomas O. Fadimiluyi in art FADI, Ital-Nigerian of the Romagna Riviera. His genealogical tree is really a mixed-breed song.
His father arrived in Italy in the early 80s to learn the art of car design and to cultivate his passion for engines.He started a family and began to manage a small hotel with his wife in Riccione, where FADI and his brothers grew up between a “Ciao ciao mare” and a “Romagna mia”. In his father ‘s car radio, songs by Bob Marley, Ray Charles, and Fela Kuti are played. In his mother’s, the great Italian songwriters, such as Lucio Battisti or Lucio Dalla.
Two worlds combined in a perfect synthesis: how to put together Michael Kiwanuka, Celentano and Chuck Berry? A potentially dangerous mixture that simply translates into a soul for FADI.
Here comes the adolescence, the grunge, Fugazi, the Pearl Jam, the Afterhours, the electric guitar, the “indie” Romagna and the sounds of the Cosmetic; the new songwriters and Brunori Sas; the discotheques of the Riviera.
Last June, FADI has released his debut single “Cardine”, anticipating his very first record that will be released at the beginning of next year. The song has been positively welcomed by public and critics. It gets stuck in your head immediately after the first listening and has a great emotional impact.
From the 26thof October, also his second single, “Se ne va” is out. The song doesn’t play on the results but on the feeling. It’s an invitation to live relationships fully and regardless of the ending. The whole journey deserves to be enjoyed, together with its misunderstandings, arguments, and fights. “Se ne va” is a sequence of small snapshots in which the meeting always stimulates the unexpected and often changes the point of view on things, giving to them a new perspective. “No matter whether you’ll reach the happy ending, but enjoy the awareness of the unknown. I don’t know the way is gonna be, but daje!”
A mix between Africa and Italian emerging new songwriter.
To sing loudly.